Porsche Boxter Test Drive

When the team at Rusnak Porsche Westlake called me to “experience” the new Porsche Boxster S, I was hugely excited. A departure from the traditional flat-six engine that Porsche enthusiasts have grown to cherish, I really wanted to see what the new 4 cylinder-turbocharged motor would do.
When Ron Giger handed me the keys he had a big smile on his face. It was one of those smiles where you know that he knows something that you don’t. I have driven a lot of cars over the years, it is always fun, and usually you know what you are getting into. This time, a brand new platform from one of the most iconic brands...I had no idea what to expect.
First and foremost, sitting in the driver’s seat, the Boxster is just dialed. Everything is where it should be and everything in the cabin references you to the do one thing, drive. The fit and finish is all about Porsche quality. The sound of the doors shutting, the glove box, the door handle sound, every aspect of this car has been examined and optimized to provide the very best experience. Porsche spends millions on sound. The sound of every movement the car makes, has been scientifically analyzed to be pleasing to the ear and to enhance the driving experience. Even the way the seat belts retract. Every sound. Amazing.
Starting the Boxster S up, you hear the gurgle of the new engine. Four-cylinders and a turbo, how is this car going to perform? On paper, the smaller displacement motor offers more power and more torque. The 2.5L four-cylinder offers an astounding 350 horsepower and 309 lb-ft of torque. Weighing in at just under 3,000 pounds, the Boxster S is a go-kart! The new engine screams, gurgles, yells, revs and feels more like a club racer than a daily drive or weekend car. Zero-to-sixty is under four seconds. Good grief! This Boxster S is a wolf in sheeps clothing. A top speed of over 170mph, this Porsche gets you where you need to go and does it in an astoundingly efficient and comfortable way.
Driving it on Mulholland Highway, the top down, air conditioning on and in “Sport Plus” setting, the engine sound and exhaust note is music to the ears. The 7-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode is awesome. It revs high, blips the throttle and keeps you in the power. Point it and it goes. The Boxster S loves to turn and it turns well. I would suggest that the Boxster S, driven by a highly competent driver, well, I do not think there is much that could keep up with it. It is light, nimble and fast. Real fast.
Porsche knows how to balance a car. What a better daily driver and weekend racer. Whether you are heading out to the track or a spirited drive, the Boxster S is the best of all worlds. On a hot day, with the top down, air conditioning on, music blasting, you are in your own world. Brings me back to my youth, not a care in the world driving the canyons to the beach. But, all these years later I am in a highly sophisticated machine that offers so much excitement that it does indeed make me feel like a kid again. A sophisticated kid wrapped in speed and luxury.
The little brother to the 911, the Boxster S is to me is more of a 911. The performance the car offers it truly incredible. I was not ready for it. Truth be told, I hadn’t driven a Boxster in a few years. But, this drive I will remember. I was truly flabbergasted by the technology both in the drivetrain and in the supporting systems. As you expect from Porsche, all is as it should be. The new turbo motor, it is clearly the future and the future is fast.
Should you buy the car? This car offers...A LOT! The comfort and reliability of Porsche, off the charts performance, darn good fuel mileage (EPA city/highway driving: 22-24/31-35 mpg) and a fun factor that is a ten out of a ten. It is comfortable and luxurious while maintaining the “race car” feel. It is a sports car, true to form, but it is also a safe and comfortable vehicle that your wife will also enjoy. It may not be as extravagant as other sports cars in the category, but, if you are looking at the Boxster S, you probably are not looking for bling and flash. You are looking at form and function. The Boxster S is a tremendous value that checks off everything you are looking at in both a daily driver and a weekend racer. I would suggest visiting the team at Rusnak Porsche in Westlake and ask for Ron Giger and General Manager Keith Goldberg, tell them you want to take the new Boxster S for a test drive, it is worth it. You may leave with new Porsche!

For more info: www.porschewestlake.com


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