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So after all these years, many people have no idea what it is that I do for a living. Many people will refer to me as ‘that car guy’, ‘the guy in the orange hat’, ‘the Supercar Sunday Guy’, etc. I suppose I have a lot of nicknames. So ‘What do I do?’ is the question.
I actually do many different things. There is no specific order to what I do, it is sometimes hard to explain to people but let’s just say, I do a lot of “automotive stuff...”
Car shows.
I put on Supercar Sunday. I do it because I love it. I love the cars, and more so, I love the people and the community. I think most of you who attend regularly or read DrivenWorld Magazine know how passionately I feel about that. Supercar Sunday was just a little idea all those years ago which turned into something much bigger. Back then, the car scene was totally different. Social media did not exist and mobilizing people or motivating them to come to an event was much harder than today. It was lot of ‘pounding the pavement’, passing out fliers and persistence. So, indeed I put on a car show.
Somewhere over the years, I started recording cars for movies and video games. It all started when a customer at Village Coffee Roaster asked me if I could get some cars to record for a movie. Fast-forward, I have sourced cars for just about every major studio and videogame company. We record the cars a few different ways and I would love to share with you how, but I am bound by confidentiality. Needless to say, when you hear a car in a video game or a movie, understand that great efforts were taken to record this audio. From the world’s best sound engineers and recordists to major investments in capturing the sound, it would blow you away to know how much energy goes into capturing these sounds.
Then one day my phone rang from a research company, a short time later, another research company. Over the years, I have become a resource for research companies with a specific focus in the automotive segment. I assist in the placement of qualified car owners and enthusiasts generally into two segments; high-net individuals who own specific models (Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, etc.) or for men and women who are actually drive their cars like they are meant to be driven and/or are opinion leaders in their segments. I have worked with many different research companies all over North America. It is a lot of fun.
Over a decade ago, I started Connected Media Group LLC, which was the umbrella for all of this. “Connected” in terms meaning that I am connected in the car world. That was the one of my “time to grow up moments”. Warner Bros., reached out and wanted to do stuff and I had to become a business. I think that must be close to fourteen years ago now that I think of it. How time has flown by.
Then of course, there are my great clients. I represent a number of different businesses in a number of different capacities. From PR and Marketing, Social Media, Advertising/design and events to actual daily operation. I suppose I could use the word “consultant,” but sometimes it is a bit more than simple consultation. The client list includes great business like: Lavaggio- The art of auto detailing, The Auto Gallery, Vista Ford Lincoln, Sage Automotive Group, Coastline Motorsport, Superchargers Online, Mustangs ETC and the list goes on. Great clients who are very passionate about their clients and the work that they do.
Lavaggio: I spend a lot of time at a truly magical place called Lavaggio. It starts with the owner who is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. Lavaggio, if you are a car person, is a must. I have been a part of the Lavaggio team for over five years. Lavaggio was a concept that previously didn’t exist. It is a state-of-the-art detail center that includes concierge services, a meal with each visit, car service, offices, board rooms, events, and then of course is the world class auto detailing. You can find me there about four days a week. With a great team, I help to operate the business, I keep an office there and the place is simply awesome. Think of it as Disneyland for the car lover. Over the years, Lavaggio has become the hub for many automotive events and groups. Many different car clubs call Lavaggio “home” for their club meetings and events and most of the local car dealerships also participate in many of Lavaggio’s offerings. We have a lot of fun there, it is truly a special place. If you are ever around, stop in and say ‘hello’.
Consulting: When it comes to cars and people, I have a decent idea of what I am talking about. Who knew? I have been very blessed to play a role at several automotive businesses when it comes to the marketing and PR. I’ll never forget the time I was headed down the 101 freeway and I saw a slogan the Auto Gallery used for years on a billboard, “it’s the lifestyle...” That slogan was seen by millions of people over the years. It was on every single marketing piece they used. Was kind of cool seeing on a billboard. A slogan I came up with… So, I do a bit of consulting.
The challenge I have is that I am great at promoting other people, other businesses, events and charities, but horrible at promoting myself or my own business. Crazy isn’t it?! How could that be? I guess, I just didn’t want to be that self-promoting guy. I was once told by an associate, “pay someone else to promote you,” oddly, that is what I do for others! Kind of funny actually.
Then there are other things I do. Many of you have seen cars for sale in my email blasts or in the magazine. I consult with different people in finding the right car or selling cars. Not a broker, but assist in getting word to the right people, who might be interested. Over all these years, it ends up I have a pretty decent network of people. From the big car collectors to the guys that have a couple cars, to those dreaming of owning a cool car. I have a lot of people in reach, hence the “Connected Media Group...” We are connected to the car community and the community at large. You need a car, I can find it. Old, new, project, whatever. I get the job done.
Then there are the odd things. Well not really odd in the car world. For some clients, I work as a car concierge. Over the years I have created many lasting relationships with many great people in service and in automobile sales. One thing led to another and I facilitate many different things for them. From car builds, to customizing of cars, project management, maintenance management, logistics and automobile storage. A little bit of everything really. Design, Copy, Photography, Social Media and Website design. Yes, we handle that as well. The fun part of all of this is that since my life revolves around automotive, so does everyone at Connected Media Group. We are all “car people.” I like to keep everything that I can within our own community if possible. Passions run high in the car community and the reality is, if you make a living in the car world, you are in the passion business. We all work so hard to have cool cars, cool projects, long hours in the garage turning wrenches, it is truly about passion.
Then of course, there is events. I put on a lot of car events. Supercar Sunday is just one. There have been days where I have done a private car event on a Saturday night, Supercar Sunday the next morning and another private car event for a Sunday brunch. Technically, three car shows in under twenty-four hours. It is easy when you love what you do and the people that attend. What a better business to be in, cars and people.
Staffing: I help businesses in the hiring of qualified personnel. I know all this sounds crazy but after all these years in the “car world,” I have come across so many qualified people who would add value to organizations that I help to facilitate the hiring of such people.
As many of you know I am the Founder and President of the Motor4Toys Charitable Foundation. Those of us at Motor4Toys have started another Foundation called Motor4America, which is geared to help troops, veterans and service personnel. We are still in the infancy stage with Motor4America, but we look to grow it and help as many people as possible. We believe in giving back and trying to make our country and world better…we want to leave it better than we found it.
Connected Media Group has published Driven World Magazine for over five years. The magazine, which we are proud of is a specific area within the business we wish to grow. It is so fun highlighting people and events around Southern California and having the opportunity to put out a good message. For 2017, we are looking to add content as well as increase advertisers as well as the number of copies printed and increase our digital reach. It is nice to have an opportunity to be creative in our day to day lives. Time to get really creative!
I am also proud to share that for the second concurrent year that I am the President of the LAPD Topanga Area Booster Club. The boosters help support the needs of the officers at the station. For 2017 I was asked to be a part of the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Foundation which I was honored to join, so I am on their board as well. Truly an honor to be a part of two great organizations.
I hope that none you take this as a “look at me” letter, it was just that I was ‘sat down’ by somebody I respect and he told me that I do a great job at promoting everybody else and a horrible job at promoting my own business. That I have provided so much to so many other businesses and that I need to focus on growing my business as well and to tell people everything that I do. Now that I have two children, I really need to spread by “business wings” and grow. He suggested that I had better get to it as I have college to think about and so many other things. If my daughters ask for a pony, let’s hope it is a ’68 Fastback right!
So, as I deeply respect the man who made this suggestion (almost an order), I am sharing with all of you that when it comes to marketing and PR, Events and any of your automotive needs, Connected Media Group LLC is pretty darn good. If you need any type of business support we have the ability to do it, from back end IT, to web, to social media, to design, etc. We are always willing to take on new clients and help them grow. You want the car community, Connected Media Group is connected. If you need something, let me know…we get it done.

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